University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, TX, U.S.A.


Position: The Dudley Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Science & Engineering - the Chair of the Department Chemistry at The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), El Paso, U.S.A., Associate Editor, Environmental Science and Technology

Specialization: Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology


At the NANOCON 2015 conference Prof. Gardea-Torresdey will deliver the invited lecture at the thematic session B - Industrial & Environmental Applications of Nanomaterials.


Prof. Jorge Gardea-Torresdey received his Ph.D. from New Mexico State University in 1988.


Research interests:
The research interests of Dr. Gardea include: applications of spectroscopy techniques in environmental chemistry; phytoremediation, novel methods for the bioproduction of nanoparticles and study of the fate of nanoparticles in the environment, among others. His current research is funded by the US NIH, DOE, EPA, USDA, and the NSF. He is a co-investigator in the NSF/EPA funded “Center for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology”.


Summary of publication activity:
He has authored over 380 publications and issued 5 US patents for environmental remediation. Dr. Gardea has graduated 27 PhD. Students (24 in Environmental Science and Engineering and 3 in Chemistry), and 35 students have received their M.Sc. degrees under his mentorship. Also he has mentored more than 45 undergraduate students in research.

Dr. Gardea’s career has been highlighted by the most important Journals in Science and Engineering, including the October 28, 2009 issue of Environmental Science & Technology (ES&T) and the December 3, 2009 Issue of Nature. He was Editor of the Journal of hazardous material from 2007 to 2010 and in January 1, 2011, he was appointed Associate Editor of Environmental Science & Technology, which is ranked # 1 in the world in the fields of Environmental Sciences and Environmental Engineering. 


Main Awards and Honors:   
The scientific contributions of Dr. Gardea have allowed him to receive many honors throughout his professional life. Recently, his research achievements are highlighted in the Lawrence Hall of Science of the University of California Berkeley. He received the 2009 SACNAS Distinguished Scientist of the Year Award and he was just awarded the 2012 Piper Professor Award, which is the most prestigious honor conferred to a Professor in the State of Texas. From 2013 he is a Honorary Professor at Institute of Urban Environment of Chinese Academy of Sciences.