Prof. Dr. José Angel MARTÍN-GAGO

Prof. Dr. José Angel MARTÍN-GAGO

Institute of Material Science of Madrid (ICMM), Madrid, Spain, EU


Present position: Research professor at the Institute of material science of Madrid - ICMM (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas), Spain (EU)

Specialization in nanoscience: Surface physics and chemistry, chemistry of graphene.


At the NANOCON 2015 conference Prof. Martín-Gago will deliver the invited lecture at the session A - Nanomaterials for electronic, magnetic and optic applications; carbon nanostructures, and quantum dots.


Professional Track:
J. A. Martín-Gago (1964) is a research professor at ICMM from 2012 and associated scientist to the astrobiology centre (CAB). He leads the ESISNA group (Structure of nanometric systems (see web page and the simulation of planetary environments unit at astrobiology centre (INTA-CSIC). Currently, he coordinates the research activities of 4 senior staff scientists, 3 experimented post-docs, 3 Ph.D. students and 1 Technician. In his laboratories are operative 4 UHV machines, equipped with different surface science characterization techniques. The group is integrated by experimentalists and first principles (DFT) theoretical researchers.


Research ID:


Current research interest:  
The main keywords of the group he leads are interdisciplinary and multi-technique research. He works in fields covering basic science (in particular nanoscience), vacuum technology (design and constructions of UHV systems for different purposes, mainly surface science studies) and new applications (2 patents licensed).  The nanoscience studies are focused on surface physics and chemistry. The goal is to understand the structure and electronic properties of molecules on surfaces and other two-dimensional. These subjects are complemented with beam times in large scale installations facilities for Synchrotron radiation.

In 2013, Dr. Gago was awarded with An ERC-synergy grant for the project entitled NANOCOSMOS: Gas and dust from the star to the laboratory. Exploring the Nanocosmos”  (funded with 15M€), to work together with 2 other involved teams (J. Cernicharo and C. Joblin). The main goal of the project is studying the circumstellar gas and dust interactions, as a clue for the astrochemical complexity. In particular they will built-up a conceptually new experimental machine to mimic the dust formation and its interaction with the circumstellar gas. They also participates in the E.U. project “Graphene flagship - WP material science”, studying the chemistry of graphene and coordinating, with M. García, the research activities at ICMM.


He has supervised 8 Ph.D. theses and he has supervised 5 fix-term post-doctoral positions.


International science leadership:
He is a member of important scientific committees, as the “program scientific board” of the large installation facilities: E.S.R.F. (in Grenoble), ELETTRA (Italy) and ALBA (in Barcelona). From 2010, He is the Spanish representative in the “executive council” of the “International union of vacuum science and technique and applications” (IUVSTA). He is also a member of the International organizing board of important conferences.


Publications S.C.I.:
140 publications, highlights (Impact index larger than 6): 1 Nature (Main author), 1 Chem. Soc. Rev, 1 Nature Chemistry, 1 Nature Nanotechnology, 4 ACS nano, 1 Nat. comm., 2 Adv. Mat, 5 Phys. Rev. Lett., 2 biosensors and bioelectronics, and 3 Chem. Comm., also 3 Reviews articles, one with more than 150 citations. More than 2300 citations, H=27